Tuesday, 17 September 2013

An end and a beginning

The mHealth Grand Tour is over.

As partners in global access to better healthcare, we did what we set out to do. We designed a clinical study that would gather entirely new data on an under-researched field. We created a multi-vendor mobile technical solution to enable the clinical study, using interoperable industry guidelines. We gathered elite athletes with diabetes, sub-elite athletes with diabetes and athletes without diabetes willing to act as a control group, to take part in the study.

We presented a policy request to regulators in Brussels to facilitate innovation and rapid deployment of mobile health initiatives.

We raised awareness of diabetes in every country we visited, and in the countries where the partners live and work. Our riders raised money for diabetes charities and research. All participants – riders, staff and crew – experienced the journey of a lifetime.

Now the next phase begins. Will the research produce results for all people with diabetes, so they are no longer afraid to exercise, but can live fuller lives? Will our prototype end-to-end technical solution lead the way for standard devices and
common practice in the medical profession? Will policymakers implement a framework that promotes adoption of and reimbursement for mobile solutions?

Today was not the end; it was simply an extravagant proof-of-concept. We hope you will join us in the next phase, and the next.

In her real job, Lauren Sarno is the marketing manager for the GSMA mHealth initiative, part of the Connected Living Programme. A working group consisting of the mHealth Grand Tour partners is continuing. If your company or organisation would like to join, please be in touch.

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